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Brazilian researchers


What can I do?

With BE MUNDUS, you can carry out:

  • a sandwich PhD (6 or 10 months)- Call is currently open until September 15th, 2016
  • a post-doc (6 months) - ALL AVAILABLE POSITIONS WERE FILLED

at one of the 9 prestigious European universities partners of the BE MUNDUS project. At the end of the mobility period, you will:

  • return to your home university, where the research carried out abroad will be recognized as part of the research programme at your home university (sandwich PhD and post-doc)
  • be awarded a legally-recognized doctoral degree from one of the 9 BE MUNDUS European partner universities (full PhD)

The programme is open to researchers in Engineering & Technology.

06. Engineering, Technology

06.1 Mechanical Engineering
06.2 Electrical Engineering
06.3 Chemical Engineering
06.4 Civil Engineering
06.5 Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications
06.6 Manufacturing Sciences (CAD, CAM, CAE)
06.7 Materials Sciences
06.8 Aeronautical Engineering
06.9 Others: Engineering, Technology


Interested in applying? Click here to apply online!


Where can I go?

9 prestigious European Universities look forward to welcoming you on campus!

  • ITALY - Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”, Rome (coordinator)
  • ITALY - Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”, Rome
  • PORTUGAL - Universidade do Porto, Porto
  • PORTUGAL - Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon
  • BELGIUM - Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussel, Belgium
  • UNITED KINGDOM - Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff
  • GERMANY - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Karlsruhe
  • CROATIA - University of Zagreb, Zagreb
  • POLAND - Silesian University Of Technology Gliwice


Who can apply?

BE MUNDUS is open to Brazilian researchers in the field of Engineering & Technology. Check the list of research offers for further details.
In order to be eligible for a BE MUNDUS scholarship, applicants need to fulfil a set of minimum requirements. In particular, applicants must:

  • Be a Brazilian national
  • Not have not resided nor have carried out their main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in any of 28 countries members of the European Union ;
  • Not have benefitted in the past from an Erasmus Mundus scholarship for the same type of mobility (e.g. PhD; post-doc.);
  • Have sufficient knowledge of the language of the courses or of one of the languages currently spoken in the hosting countries. For further information, see the requirements specified in the research offers.
  • For a sandwich PhD applications: be enrolled in a doctorate course at a Brazilian institution.

NB: In addition to these criteria, some universities may require other conditions and/or skills. Please check the research offers for further information.


The Erasmus Mundus programme is open to different categories of students and researchers, defined as ‘Target Groups’. Each Target Group has different types of mobility scholarships available.


For sandwich PhDs: Applicants who are currently enrolled in a PhD course at one of the BE MUNDUS partner universities (click here to check the full list of partner institutions).
For post-doc: Applicants who have a research assignment/contract or a formal link with one of the BE MUNDUS partner universities (click here to check the full list of partner institutions).


For sandwich PhDs: Applicants who are currently enrolled in a PhD course at a Brazilian universities which is not a full partner of BE MUNDUS (click here to check the full list of partner institutions). 

NB: No post-docs are available for Target Group 2 researchers.

TARGET GROUP 3: Applicants who are enrolled in any Brazilian institution and are in a particularly vulnerable situation for social and political reasons. For example:

  • you have a refugee status or is an asylum beneficiary (international or according to the national legislation of one of the European recipient countries), or
  • it can be proven that you have been the object of unjustified expulsion from university on racial, ethnic, religious, political, gender or sexual inclination, or
  • you belong to an indigenous population targeted by a specific national policy or IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons)

NB: No post-docs are available for Target Group 3 researchers.


How to apply?

Are you interested in applying for a BE MUNDUS scholarship? Apply online now by following the steps outlined below.


  • Are you eligible to apply? Check the eligibility requirements here before starting your application!
  • Register on the BE MUNDUS website
  • Read the Guidelines for Applicants carefully. This document contains detailed information about the application procedure. We strongly advise you to read it before starting to fill in the Application Form » PDF Guidelines for Applicants
  • Gather all the documents required for your applications (see below).
  • Prepare the word application form. This Word (.doc) version is intended to facilitate the preparation of the information and documents for the application form by allowing you to progressively introduce the details and information required. It does not replace the online application.
  • Copy and paste the word application form into the online application form. Only online applications submitted via the online system will be accepted. If an applicant submits more than one application, the system will automatically consider the most recent one.



All applicants are required to submit the following documents together with their online application. Incomplete applications will automatically be rejected without appeal possibility.

  • Photo
  • Video (optional)
  • Passport or other official national identification proof
  • Copy of degree(s) or certificate proving the obtained degree
  • Transcript of records (Mandatory for sandwich PhD only)
  • Recommendation letter and/or statement of support from the home university- This document must confirm that your home institution supports your application and shall be dated, signed and stamped by the the home institution (where applicable).
  • In the case of post-doc and staff mobility, such letter should also declare that your office/department will allow you to take a leave for the whole duration of the mobility period. It must be signed by the head of department (post-doc and academic staff) or the head of office (administrative staff)
  • Language Certificate - where applicable: English or the relevant language of instruction at the host university (check requirements!)
  • Declaration of Honour (Download example)
  • Physical disability (Optional)
  • Socio-economic vulnerability (Optional)
  • Refugee or asylum status (only for Target 3 applicants, where applicable)
  • Other documents relevant for the application (Optional)

For further information, please check the application guidelines and application form.



The evaluation is done in the following way:

  • Scientific merit (60%) relevant previous knowledge and diplomas, involvement in research, publications, previous relevant research/work experience, qualifications or prices, etc.
  • Research/work project (20%) quality of research proposal and relevance to the host university research fields;
  • Motivation (10%) motivation to carry out research at that university, awareness of the wider implication of a study period abroad for the home country, relevant recommendation letter, etc.;
  • Language proficiency (10%) how far does the applicant meet the language requirements of the host university



Selected applicants will receive a monthly allowance of 1.500 EUR (PhD level) or 1.800 EUR (post-doc) to cover subsistence costs in the host city. Moreover, grantees are paid a return ticket to and from the location of the host university (based on fixed rates linked to the distance in kilometers), as well as a full insurance scheme (health, travel, accident). Researchers are also exempted from the payment of tuition fees at the host institution, as the tuition fees (when applicable) will be covered by the project.

Search for your course!

In order to check the research offers available at each host institution, please select the type of mobility you are wish to apply to, according to the existing options:
Academic offer



Each host institution will support selected applicants in finding suitable accommodation either within available student residences and/or in private housing.
For further information on housing, visit the specific websites of your chosen host institution.


Visas and Immigration

Each host institution will support selected applicants in applying for a national long-term study visa. Approximately 3-4 months before departure, you will receive a formal invitation letter by your host institution. You will need to submit the letter together with your visa application at the consulate of your host country in Brazil (e.g. Italian consulate in Sao Paulo).
In order to apply for a visa, you usually need to submit the following documents:

  • Visa Application Form (long-term study visa)
  • Passport size-photo
  • Valid passport. NB: the passport needs to be valid for at least 3 months additional to the duration of your visa (e.g. for a 10 month visa, your passport needs to be valid for 13 months starting from the visa starting date).
  • Copy of scholarship contract (sent by Sapienza to all scholarship holders)
  • Letter of invitation by host institution
  • Copy of health insurance (provided by Sapienza to all scholarship holders)

Additional documents may be required by the country’s consulate. Please, check with your host institution.



PDF FAQs (English)

PDF FAQs (Português)


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